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Kerry Morgan Notary - Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

At this time you should consider whether or not you may require a Power of Attorney. This document allows your attorney (the person appointed by you) to manage your real estate and financial affairs in your place. This is particularly useful if you become incapacitated due to physical or mental health problems, or in the event of your absence.

Who Can Be My Attorney?

The person who you appoint as your attorney should be someone who is prepared to accept the responsibility. The person must be 19 years or older, must be mentally capable and understand what it means to have power of attorney or to be a representative. You can appoint your spouse or partner, a friend or a family member. You can appoint more than one person. An attorney’s authority starts from the moment the Power of Attorney is signed, not when a need arises so it is essential that the person be trustworthy. There are some precautions a person can take to prevent it being used while you are still able to look after your own affairs.

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Jul 29, 2019

Office will be closed Monday, August 5th, 2019 for BC Day holiday. 

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