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Mortgage or Refinancing

Your Contact Info
Refinancing Information
    1. Please provide the mortgage broker's name and contact information.

    • If you do not have a mortgage broker assisting you, please provide the name and contact information for the bank representative that you are dealing with.

  1. What is the address of the property that the mortgage will be registered against?

  3. Please provide the names, occupations, work addresses, work phone numbers, and name of employer for each of the current registered owners, starting with yourself.

    1. please provide the full legal names and occupations of the individuals who are either being added or removed from title.

    • What is the address of the financial institution that you currently have your mortgage with?

    1. If yes, please confirm the debts that will be paid off.

    1. If Yes, please include the full legal names of the guarantors or co-signors (please ensure that the names are as they appear on his/her driver's license or passport). Please also provide their job titles/occupation and their address and daytime phone number. The guarantor/co-signor who will execute the Mortgage documentation will not be registered on title as an "owner" of the property.

Property Information
    • If so, can you please fax the survey to our office at 604-904-2093 for review. A survey certificate is a drawing that shows where the house sits within the property lines.

    • Please provide the name of your house/fire insurance agent and their contact information.