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Kerry Morgan Notary - FAQ


  • Is a Notary's work less official than a lawyer?

    There is no difference in the legality or professionalism of the same services a lawyer and notary would provide.

  • Do I need an appointment for a notarization?

    At this time, we are accepting clients by appointment only.

  • Do I need to be present for the Notary to notarize my document?

    When a document requires notarization there must be proof that the person mentioned in the document was present and provided identification to prove that he/she is the individual in question. Therefore, you must sign in the presence of the Notary.

    There are some emergency protocols in place for people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you are currently under quarantine.  Please call our office for more information about the possibility of remote services.

  • Can the Notary sign my separation agreement and/or divorce documents?

    A separation agreement is an extremely important document. Parties entering into such an agreement should seek Independent Legal Advice and sign in the presence of a family law lawyer. Notaries do not practice family law, and therefore, our office will not witness signatures of clients entering into a separation agreement or completing self-counsel divorce packages.

  • Will the Notary sign my foreign language documents?

    The Society of Notaries Public of BC has discouraged signing documents prepared in a language foreign to that which the Notary understands and is fluent. Therefore, we will only witness documents prepared in English.

  • Can the Notary provide advice and/or prepare my probate application?

    Notaries are prohibited by law from providing legal advice on probate applications. However, if you have prepared your own probate documents and do not require any advice, we can notarize the affidavits and make the required certified true copies for your application. If you require legal advice with respect to your probate application, you should contact a lawyer.

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